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First Class Year

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If you missed attending Commissioning 101

Here is the link to the next best thing - the video of the conference and a downloadable PDF of the booklet with all of the info!

Commissioning 101

Life as a Firstie

First Class Midshipmen have a lot on their plate.  They are responsible for mentoring the Second Class as they assist  the Firsties in training the Fourth Class - Plebes.  Firsties are also working hard to maintain their academics, preparing for Service Selection, Assignments and Commissioning, which are some of the highlights of this, their final year as Midshipmen at the Naval Academy.  They also proudly wear their graduation rings.  Parents can order their Commissioning sword and make plans for Commissioning Week. Read Elaine Brye's post about Firstie Year below.

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(Shared with permission from A Shyne for exclusive use by the USNA S FL Parents Club)


By Elaine Brye, author of "Be Safe, Love Mom"  posted here with permission from the author.


"I had such a good time speaking to the San Diego Parents on Sunday.  I was asked a question and I thought I would share my answer. The question was specific advice for Firstie parents. You all ( and your Firsties) are so excited- and perhaps a little nervous - about what lies ahead. This is the year when the rubber meets the road. All that work and preparation culminates in Service Selection and whether dreams are fulfilled or not there is a new destination. The light is shining brightly at the end of the tunnel. So what's a parent to do to support a son or daughter who thinks they know it all? 

If you have time this summer, I recommend a serious conversation. Start with how far they have come and of course how proud you are. Ask them their vision for Commissioning Week. Soon they will be busier than they have ever been with Firstie responsibilities and class work. The reality is you will probably hear from them less this year than ever before. Firstie projects in many majors can be overwhelming and running the Brigade is as difficult as it sounds. This is also the time to have the " don't let up " anti senioritis speech. I have counseled way too many parents of Firsies who thought they were invincible and now they are on their way out of the Naval Academy. The margin of error is very small at this point- soon they will be responsible for sailors and Marines- youthful indiscretions are no longer tolerated. It is a tough conversation to have. But a reminder to keep their eye on the prize is good. Also the PRT trips up more 1/C than I want to think about. They are juggling a lot and they need to keep on juggling the entire year.  Of course they know all this - but letting them know you are supporting them in any way you can, just like in Plebe year, can be a good boost - whether it is them knowing you " get it" or sending them gift cards or food. You may want to schedule a visit after Service Selection. Those are things to think about as you look forward.

The year will fly by.  It will be full of lasts - the last Army Navy game, the last spring break and then it will be Commissioning.  And you will be learning about a whole new world. Soak in this last year in the safe harbor. It will be lovely even with all the exams and papers and stress. They will be with their budgie and you will know where they are - a parent's dream come true.

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