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USNA - The Making of an Officer

I-Day Class of 2020 - I Day

Beginning with the seven weeks of Plebe summer, Fourth Class begin their road to training and learning the skills and tools they will need as future Naval Officers.  During the seven weeks of Plebe Summer, all Plebes are challenged and strengthened physically, mentally, and morally as a part of the mission of the USNA.  From running several miles per week, to morning PEP for 90 minutes every morning, to memorizing Reef Points and fulfilling their responsibilities, Plebes learn very quickly to work together and to do things the Navy way, right down to folding their clothes... Many of these things may not make sense now, but everything has a rhyme and reason for being. 

During the Academic year the physical training continues, alongside their academic studies, physical, athletic, military and professional training. 

(Continued) Plebes learn to prioritize, manage their time effectively, and the meaning of team work - "I" does not exist anymore, it is about working as a team. After with Plebe Parent Weekend the Brigade of Midshipmen reforms and Plebes learn to juggle Chow Calls, chopping, squaring corners, learning to keep their eyes on the boat, ProQuizzes, Come Arounds, dress parades, six-week exams, 12-week exams, declaring their major, Sea Trials and the Herndon Monument climb.  All of this and also their duties, keeping watch, Alpha inspections, athletic responsibilities and training, and whatever else is thrown their way, makes for an exhausting year!  Plebe year is filled with challeges but can also be very rewarding, building confidence and maturing these young men and women, on their way to becoming Youngsters.


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President John F. Kennedy








Listen to President John F. Kennedy's address to the Plebes at the USNA in 1963.

Are you smarter than a Plebe? Check this out!

Congratualtions to tto all Plebe-to-bes!  Join us on a Scavenger Hunt.  ASee if you can answer all of the following questions correctly.  All of the information you will need is in the links given below.


1. State the Mission of the U.S. Naval Academy. CLICK HERE to read...


2.  What is the birthdate of the USNA?  FIND IT HERE! What is the birthdate of the U.S Navy? Click Here!


3.  What are the three core values of the USNA?  Click Here!


4. When you are supposed to be in your rack, where are you?

5.  Where is the head?

6. What does SIQ mean? What is a "chit"? READ ABOUT 4,5,and 6 HERE 

7. What does it mean to “plebe” a cover and square a corner? 

To plebe your cover means... that you hold it in a special way only required of Plebes – holding their cover with an open hand, all five fingers extended on the inside of the cover.  It is not required off the yard, but it is a habit that is hard to break…

8. How do you keep your eyes in the boat? TRY HERE

How do you "chop"? Read this link

9.  What on earth are chow calls?  Watch this  and read P. 4


10. What do NWU, MO, OOW, MOOW stand for? FInd it Here!


11. What is an Irish Pennant?  What is it?


12.  What is the US Navy Chain of Command?  Memorize it Here...

(*Caveat!  Double check the names since they can change.  Always go with the list in the package that was sent to you by the USNA….)


13.  What are the general orders of a sentry? TRY THIS...


14.  How is the cow?  One of my favorites – my Dad used to quiz us on THIS when we were kids…

15. Read the Goatlocker - always helpful...



             Know your Ranks!

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